Fla Pro Painters. prepares your home in a careful considerate manner to provide you and your family with the least amount of disruption.

We secure plastic sheeting to the walls, tape it, and then cover the flooring with high-density plastic sheeting. The furniture is covered to ensure everything remains just the way we found it. Our specialized popcorn ceiling removal system is the most efficient sanitary removal system in the industry. This allows most jobs to be completed in one day.

We are often asked how our process works, so allow me to elaborate. We lightly mist the ceiling with water to eliminate the dust during the process. The “popcorn” is scraped, captured and removed to the bare drywall, cracks are repaired, seams re-taped where needed, and the drywall is thoroughly secured with drywall screws as opposed to nails to complete the surface preparation. The new texture is then applied, and once it is cured, is ready for paint. We offer a full selection of textures, For customers who desire us to paint their freshly textured ceiling we do so using home Depot quality line of interior paints. It sounds simple enough; but don’t be fooled, many people have tried to remove it on their own, not realizing how difficult it is. This is one job that is better left to the professionals.

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